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Modellbau Hermann Siegen - A compay with tradition and future

As one of the oldest handcraft-companies of the Siegerland we are proud of our history and tradition.

Already during the formation of the company in 1919 directed by master of modelmaking August Hermann models were built for the industries of the Siegerland such as machine factories and foundries. The models were made of wood with tolerances of 1,0 Milimeters.

The location of the factory in the Brüderweg 12, at the foot of the ´Upper Castle´ in the middle of the historic city centre of Siegen, caused even the arrangement of shop-windows of the bigger shopping centre. The drop in orders during the worlwide economic crisis was balanced by the production of highquality oaken garden furniture.

Master of Modelmaking August Hermann
Factory Brüderweg 12

Master of Modelmaking Werner Hermann realized soon the requirement of first class models and pattern for the series production in the foundry industries. Already at the end of the sixties models and pattern were build out of plastic and metal with tolerances of 0,1 milimeters.

The application of Milling and Measuring Machines in the 1969 new built factory in the Untere Dorfstr. 157 in Siegen opened up the company new chances in the model- and mouldmaking and the tool- and gagemaking. Beside the foundry industries and the mechanical engineering now customers of the automotive and the plastic industries could be acquired.

Master of Modelmaking Werner Hermann
Factory Untere Dorfstr. 157

At the beginning of the 90ies Graduate-Engineer Ulrich Hermann dares the new formation of the company with substantial investments in the CAD-CAM-CAQ-Technologies and the qualification of the employees.

In the 1994 new errected company-buildung Auf der Weiss 7 in Siegen the vertical range of manufacture is increased. Today Modellbau Hermann Siegen accompanies a product from the development to design, prototyping, preseries- and series-production-equipment, measuring and test equipment until to the final product.

As a partner of the automotive industry beside the model-, mould- and toolmaking especially the gagemaking and the quality control was extended. With the latest measurement machine with a base precision of 0,005 millimeter the demanded tolerance of 0,03 millimeter is assured.

Graduate-Engineer Ulrich Hermann
Factory Auf der Weiss 7

The high qualification, experience and relatedness to the company of the employees are our biggest potentials, on which our customers can count on trustfully worldwide. We dedicate ourself with passion and enthusiasm to your complex tasks with latest technologies. To assure the highest standards of our jobs we will proceed to focus on the growth in quality instead of quantity.