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Data Exchange

As a service provider in the product-development Modellbau Hermann Siegen processes all usual data formats. Even special data formats can be converted and handled. The following formats and interfaces are our favorites.

Operating System

  • Windows XP Professional



  • CATIA V5
  • Tebis CAD
  • Pro Engeneer



  • Heidenhain
  • Tebis CAM



Zett Mess

  • Zett Mess Digiwin (Digitise)
  • Zett Mess 3D (Coordinates)
  • Zett Mess Futurex Surf (Surfaces)


  • Calypso (Tolerance of Form and Position, CNC-Measuring, Scanning)
  • Holos (Surfaces)
  • Dimension (Digitising, Reverse Engineering)



  • STEP
  • IGES
  • VDA
  • CATIA V4/V5
  • DXF
  • DWG

Compression Programs

  • TAR
  • TAR.GZ
  • RAR


ISDN / ODETTE access

To setup a secure ISDN / ODETTE access please fill out the ISDN / ODETTE form FO-07-05-01-01 Datenaustausch.doc.

Please email this form completed to the given email-adress or send it by telefax.

Afterwards you will receive our testfile FO-07-05-01-02 Datenaustausch.pdf requesting you to check it.