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Our access controls avoid trespassing to the with alarm systems safeguarded company building and your projects. Visitors get access only with a visitors identification card after a previous registration and the acceptance of our secrecy declaration. Supplier get an application card for the receipt or the delivery of goods but no access to the company building.

Geheimhaltung Geheimhaltung Geheimhaltung

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Unrequested sights for example on your new design are avoided by coated foils and roller blinds.

Geheimhaltung Geheimhaltung Geheimhaltung

Aswell inside our company building we take care for your interests. Your latest documents, titels and part-numbers are covered. Although the photographing at Modellbau Hermann Siegen is not allowed without an explicit acceptance we cover your confident projects in a separate presentation-room additionally.

For your data we provide a protected ODETTE-FTP-Connection, with a better data-security than an Email-Connection. The access to our network is protected by a firewall. Your projectdata are saved with daily backups on mirrored hard disks to avoid data loss.

Confide your confidential ideas Modellbau Hermann Siegen!