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100th Firm-Jubilee / Plant-Enlargement

On the 27th September of 2019 we celebrated our 100th Company-Jubilee and the enlargement of our company building.

In the retrospection the manager of the company Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Hermann centered the people, who supported, promoted and formed their family firm Modellbau Hermann Siegen loyaly over 100 years. "They are the Soul of the Company, who made all this possible."

Extraordinary long-standing staff-memberships in the company abourt 30 and even 60 years aswell as the trustful and long-lasting business relations are important factors for the continuous developement of the company.

Because of the extensive honorary engagement Modellbau Hermann Siegen has got an excellent network.

The following greetings represent a lot of partner of Modellbau Hermann Siegen:

  • Steffen Mues, Mayor of the University-City of Siegen
  • Willi Hesse, President of the Chamber of Crafts Südwestfalen
  • Heinz Kemmerling, Manager of the Federal Association of Model- and Mouldmaking
  • Karl-Friedrich Bublitz, Master Craftsman of the district of Südwestfalen
  • Hermann Hubing, Head of the Federal School of Model- and Mouldmaking


During guided tours and presentations the invited guests had a the chance to get an idea of the enlarged company building and the latest technological standing of the company.

The celebration was completed by an interesting entertainment program:

  • Catering
  • Presentation 1919-2019
  • Alphorn-Trio
  • Siegerländer Cabaret "Daubs Melanie"
  • Segway-Parkour

Child-Protection-Ambulance at the DRK-Clinic Siegen

Modellbau Hermann Siegen supports the Child-Protection-Ambulance at the DRK-Children-Clinic Siegen with a sustainable sponsorship.

During a visit at the DRK-Children-Clinic Siegen on the 29th November 2018 the Engineering Manager Mr. Peter Kurth and Mr. Michael van de Sand as well as the Registered Manager Edda Hermann were informed about the Concept of the Child-Protection-Ambulance.

Mrs. Antje Maaß-Quast (Medical Helpdesk) and Mrs. Ann-Sophie Scheiter (Child-Protection-Specialist) answered all questions and now look forward to the cooperation with Modellbau Hermann Siegen.

Get more information about the Child-Protection-Ambulance at the DRK-Children-Clinic Siegen an support us to protect children and adolescent from misuse, mistreatment and negligence.

New 7-Axis-Milling-Centre Reiden RX14


With the spindle-clamping and the turntable workpieces can be drilled with a maximum rotational speed of 400 min-1. The time-consuming change of workpieces between the different machines now is a thing oft he past.


Due to the special arrangement of the A-axis, dihedral angles from -15° to +105° can be machined with only one axis. Milling with the trigonal head in the horizontal spindle position has the great advantage that X and Y-axes are continually loaded in the same direction. This reduces cross-stresses to a minimum.


  • X = 1800 mm
  • Y = 1800 mm
  • Z = 1210 mm


  • 8000 min-1
  • 557 Nm


A nc-rotary-table with a clamping-plate of 1400 mm x 1800 mm and a maximum load of 5000 kg, an automatic swiveling-head, a tool-changer with 204 places and a pallet-changer complete the automation perfomance.

When changed, the pallet is pushed over bearing rollers with a gap of 0.5 mm on to the base table. The pallets are then clamped over 4 zero-point clamping systems. Repeat accuracy is +/- 0.01 mm.

In this way the automated machining with up to four palettes is possible all around-the-clock.


To achieve our own high requirements in JIG- and Gage-Manufacturing we move forward the limits of technical and economical solutions by adopting all possible means. If you are interested please contact us.

MHS-Event ´Zeche-Zollverein´

In June 2017 we visited the UNESCO-World-Heritage ´Zollverein´ in Essen. The ´Zeche-Zollverein´ is a masterpiece of mining-architecture and said to be the most beautiful coal mine of the world. The ´Double-Hoist-Frame´ represents the change of the whole ´Ruhr-Metropole´.

It started with the tour ´Coal & Pitman´, which showed us interesting insights in the above-ground-constructions of Zollverein Pit XII. The way of the black coal was shawn from the mine-shaft-house, in which the coal arrived from underground, to the siewing until to the coal-washing, where the coal was conditoned and loaded.

The production-processes and the pitmans working-conditions of best performing coal mining plant of the world were explained wiht modern digital media on the monumental mining constructions.

The change of the Zollverein form a mining plant to a modern cultural site with exhibitions and museums (such als the Red Dot Design Museum), art and culture, restaurant and cafés, as well as the power of nature, which embraces the huge industrial monument again, is examplary for the whole Ruhr-Metropole. This became apparent during the final all around view from the roof of the coal mine.

With a two hours long biking-trip of ´Simply Out Tour´ the world wide largest industrial monument, with an area of one square kilometre, with two pits, one coking plant an 65 buildings, which were arranged in a cathedral style, was explored. The tour guide lead us on a former railway route, through typical historic mining districts, along the Rhein-Herne-Kanal up to the mine dump, from which we had a great view of the whole Ruhr-Region.

After all these activities we visited the Café & Restaurant Kokerei with regional classics such as ´Henkelmann´, ´Pannschüppe´ and ´Ruhrpottklassiker´. Restaurant and beer-garden are situated in the middle oft the industrial monument with panorama-view onto the 600 m long coke oven battery, roofed by the historical pusher-machine. Here the coking-coal has been baken under a high pressure and heat and cooled in a water basin.

The very interesting day was completed with a very special piano concert in the cours oft he Piano Festival Ruhr: Piano Clubbing with Francesco Tristano (New York) and the DJs Ryan Crosson (Detroit) and P41 (Rom) in a casual atmosphere in the Trichterhalle oft he cocking plant. A nonstop-cross-border between classical music and contemporary techno-culture;-)

Commemoration of Werner Hermann

Werner Hermann *23.01.1924 +30.01.2016

At the age of 92 years Werner Hermann died at 30th January of 2016.

Supported by his beloved wife Elisabeth and his big family with four brothers and sisters, four children and ten grandchildren he has suffered the last seven years with a lot of will power and courage several health threats.

His wish for a high mental activity until to the end was satisfied and at the end of one´s tether on the 25th January of 2016 his family follows him with tender and loving care, until he died on 30th January 2016 in peace in the hands of his daughter.

As senior-director he managed our family enterprise, founded in 1919, in the second generation until to the 31th July 1991. His caring and warm-hearted management-style caused a high identification of the team to our family enterprise and to the nationally and internationally accepted success. This success is owed to our high motivated team, which consistently meets new challenges.

His father Master Craftsman of Patternmaking August Hermann founded in 1949 todays Model- and Mouldmaking Guild Westfalen-South. From 1966 until to 1984 Master Craftsman of Patternmaking Werner Hermann was representing the Model- and Mouldmaker in Westfalen-South and in the Federal Association of Model- and Mouldmaking.

Beyond this honorary engagement he cultivated close friendships to nationwide colleagues to have a good time together.

The honest acceptance and perfect appreciation which has been shown to him is our motivation to keep the company in the same way going on.

We are grateful for the love, support and orientation he gave us. His last words "There is no need to be sorry, if I am leaving after a long and fulfilled life, because I just go ahead", makes it easier to say Goodbye Werner

25th. Job-Jubilee Olaf Hermel

At the 15th. November of 2014 we celebrated the 25th. Job-Jubilee of Olaf Hermel.

Looking back the past years we remembered old colleaques, who went into retirement, or very ambitious or complex customer-projects Olaf Hermel was engaged with.

Olaf Hermel was trained well in all CAE-Technologies and has his core competence today especially in 5-achsis-CNC-Milling.

The current year in review about the 8th. November 1989 in all media showed us once again the touching time of the "Fall of the Wall" and rembered us that our "East-Berlin-Gosh" Olaf Hermel took flight in 1989 before the "Fall of the Wall".

As Modellbau Hermann Siegen at this time was looking for further employees, the toolmaker Olaf Hermel was recruited after a short stay at a refugee camp by the today 90-year-old Senior-Manager Werner Hermann. It was a great pleasure for him to take part in the 25th. Job-Jubilee of Olaf Hermel although he had health problems.

Olaf Hermel is a passionate model- and mouldmaker, with an unconcealed "Berlin-Manner", who says frankly what´s wrong. We all were shocked, when he told us about his intention to quit Modellbau Hermann Siegen some months before his jubilee. So much the better was his promise at his 25th. Job-Jubilee to stay in the company to keep on planing the future.

WDR Lokalzeit Shoots ´Studies Drop-Outs as Craftsmen´

At the 6th of March 2014 the WDR TV was visiting Modellbau Hermann Siegen for shoots.

In the film, which has been broadcastet at the 11th March of 2014, the trainee as Technical Modelmaker Björn Emmerich describes his motives to drop-out his Engineering-Studies in favour of an apprenticeship at Modellbau Hermann Siegen.

The manager Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Hermann describes the very interresting job profile Model- and Moldmaking, which combines handcraft and engineering and offers drop-outs in his company a chance for a professional carrer, if they train their profession with passion.

Please follow this link to the film on the homepage of WDR TV.

1. Winner of the Federal Competition in Performance

Modellbau Hermann Siegen has been awarded once again and this time even twice for excellence in apprenticeship.

So Anna Laumann as Businesswoman for Office-Communication and Matthias Etling as Technical Modelmaker have been awarded on October the 26th 2013 on a celebratory event of the Chamber of Crafts Ostwestfalen-Lippe in the Roundhouse of Bielefeld as winner of the German Federal Land Nordrhein-Westfalen.

ZDH Competition in Performance NRW-Winner

On December the 7th 2013 our Federal President Joachim Gauck awarded Matthias Etling as winner in the Federal Competition in Performance.

The ceremony with musical performings took place in the historical building of the Educational Center Hansemann of the Chamber of Crafts in Dortmund.

Federal President Joachim Gauck valued highly the performance of the awardee and the training employer and emphasizes the often honorary service which enriches our society.

ZDH Competition in Performance Federal Winner

New 7-Axis-Mill-Centre Soraluce F-MT 4000

With the new Mill-Centre Soraluce F-MT 4000 we want to offer our customers - with our typical precision - new possibilities in milling big and difficult machinable parts.

The necessary fundament has been built for component parts with a weight up to 18.000 kg with an clean underfloor shaving-management for a 3-Shift-Operation.

The automatic continuously adjustable milling head with the form closure of its Hirth-Tooth-System enables unemotional the 6-axis-milling of difficult machinable parts e. g. out of high-strength stainless steel alloy.

This is required to transmit the available impressive torque of 900 Nm.

A horizontal travel distance of 4000 mm and a vertical travel distance of 1600 mm allow with an integrated rotary table with 1600 mm the 6-axis-cutting of big components with only one clamping.

With an additional as 7th. axis separately selectable rotary table with 1000 mm we can also mill with a counter bearing big rotationaly symmetric parts.

Further more the Mill-, Turn- and Grind-Center Soraluce F-MT 4000 is according to the manufacturer a world-innovation! Because with the integrated NC-Carousel-Rotary-Table parts can be milled, turned and grindet with 250 min-1 and 53 kW in only one clamping.

For your next project you can count on our well trained CAD-CAM-Experts, who apply the latest technologies with passion and fun every day in close cooperation with our partners

- Feature-Programming

- 5-Axis-Simultaneous-Milling

- Simulator

- Cutting-Data-Monitoring

- Cutting-Data-Optimising

Mill-Centre Soraluce F-MT 4000

Examination passed! The team congratulates.

Dirk Afflerbach congratulates
Tristan Kraus
Matthias Etling

We congratulate the Technical Modelmakers Tristan Kraus and Matthias Etling to the passed examination and welcome the new professionals in the team of Modellbau Hermann Siegen.

During their apprenticeship both had the chance to gain experience in all departments of the process chain.

At this point sincere thanks are given to Dirk Afflerbach our training manager for his passionate job. Dirk Afflerbach is since many years a voluntary member of the examination board of the Model- and Moldmaker-Guild for our young Technical Modelmakers.

Tristan Kraus and Matthias Etling found excellent conditions at Modellbau Hermann Siegen for their apprenticeship:

1. A training manager, who leads the trainees right from the start to the high requirements relating to self-dependance and quality.

2. Extra corporate training at the Federal Technical School Model- and Moldmaking in Bad Wildungen and additional training course in CAD-CAM-Technology.

3. A company, which is technical at the state of the art and which offers after a successful examination a secure and interesting job and varied possibilities of further training.

We are happy, that our Technical Modelmaker Matthias Etling has won with his excellent examination the Chamber-Of-Crafts-Award and the ´NRW-Award´ and with some luck even more ...

The team of Modellbau Hermann Siegen keeps their fingers crossed!

MHS-Event ´Fire-Fighting-Training´

During the Fire-Fighting-Training at 11th. November 2011 the whole team of Modellbau Hermann Siegen was trained for the case of emergency.

Fire needs burning material, oxygen and ignition energy. The different fire extinguishing media powder, carbon dioxide, water and foam aim for these. The fire-classes A (solid), B (liquid), C (gaseous), D (metallic) and E (oily) have been discussed.

In preparation of the training together with the Fire-Department the Fire-Fighting-Equipment has been checked once again.

During the training the whole team had the chance to fight a real fire with different Fire-Fighting-Systems. As the families had been invited, especially the kids had a lot of fun with the Fire-Engine and Fire-Truck of the Voluntary Firebrigade Wilnsdorf.

Well trained finally the fire of the barbecue could be killed with a special Fire-Extinguishing-Media on a Water-Foam-Basis (Früh-Kölsch-Beer).


Christian Krämer passes examination as 2nd Chamber-Winner

Dirk Afflerbach congratulates
Christian Krämer

At the 22th January 2011 Christian Krämer passed the examination for modelmaker with a good result and as the 2nd. Chamber-of-Crafts-Winner.

Christian Krämer started his three and a half year lasting apprenticeship to a modelmaker with specialisation Production Modelmaking after the Abitur on the 1st August 2007.

During this time Christian Krämer was involved from the first day of his apprenticeship in all projects of the various products and services of the Hermann GmbH. By this way he could prove already before the examination, that he has adopted all the basics of the ambitious job description.

His accurate and precise job in the team is respected by his colleagues. Christian Krämer feels comfortable in the team of Modellbau Hermann Siegen and is very in vogue.

And because of the companies philosophy of ´Growth in Quality´ Christian Krämer will participate within a few weeks in the professional training of the CAD-CAM-CAQ-technologies.

His instructor Dirk Afflerbach, who is itself honorary engaged in the examination committee, is pleased about the good results of the examination and looks forward to the teamwork with Christian Krämer.

The team of Modellbau Hermann Siegen congratulates Christian Krämer.

The Team congratulates Peter Kurth on the 25th. Job-Jubilee

Peter Kurth 01.08.2010
Peter Kurth with his wife Melanie
Your Team says Thank You!

At the first august of 2010 our project-manager Peter Kurth has celebrated his 25th. job-jubilee at Modellbau Hermann Siegen.

After his successful apprenticeship as a skilled worker in modelmaking at Modellbau Hermann Siegen Peter Kurth was always engaged with new multifaceted tasks and so gained a lot of experiences in all sectors of our profession.

His competence and reliability as project-manager is highly appreciated by all customers and colleagues.

The extra-occupational education as a certified engineer with the specialisation development and his excellent graduation underlines his efficiency.

Peter Kurth is an important part of the companies management and influences significantly the future of Modellbau Hermann Siegen.

At the celebration of jubilee on 31.08.2010 all colleagues and the general manager graduate engineer Ulrich Hermann thanks Peter Kurth and his wife Melanie, who has always supported his passional engagement with understanding.

The today 86-years-old senior general manager Werner Hermann, who undersigned the articles of apprenticeship of Peter Kurth, honoured his extraordinary career and his important role in the companies management.

We are all very proud and thankful for the long-lasting and emotional relation to our company Modellbau Hermann Siegen.

Press Conference at Modellbau Hermann Siegen

Economic Report 2009 of the Chamber of Crafts

On wednesday 21.04.2010 the Chamber of Crafts Südwestfalen invites to a press conference at Modellbau Hermann Siegen about the Economic Report 2009.

The General Manager Graduate-Engineer Ulrich Hermann welcomes the guests and infoms the representatives of the television, the radio and the press about the 90 years old company history and the performance profile of Modellbau Hermann Siegen.

Subsequent the General Manager of the Chamber of Chrafts Südwestfalen Meinolf Niemand presents the substantial Economic Report 2009 and was avaiable for further questions.

As General Manager of the Modelmaking-Guild Westfalen-Süd and as Representative of the German Federation of Model- and Mouldmaking Ulrich Hermann reports about the current economic situation in the branch, which is closely connected to the automotive industry.

During the final plant visit the quests had the chance to get an idea of the big diversity of Modellbau Hermann Siegens products and services.

Graduate-Engineer Ulrich Hermann
Press Conference about the Economic Report
Meinolf Niemand

New 5-Axis-Mill-Center DMF 260

Modellbau Hermann Siegen uses the opportunities, which are offered even in the crisis!

With the anti-cyclical investment in a further modern and very precise 5-Axis-Mill-Centre Deckel Maho DMF 260 we are on the right path of qualitative growth.

In fact today there are already enough capacities for the 5-Axis-Milling. But we would like to offer our customers additional services and improve our internal workflow to meet with the increasing cost pressure by constant quality.

The orders are placed already and the machine will be installed in the year 2010. The complex testing and the technical approval of the 5-Axis-Mill-Centre with our reference-milling and the following final inspection on our Portal-Measurement-Centre Zeiss are already projected.

Read the actual report about Modellbau Hermann Siegen in the DMG Service Magazin.


DeckelMaho DMF 260

1. Winner of the Federal Competition in Performance Pascal Schäfer

We are pleased about the big success of ´our´ Pascal Schäfer. With his journeyman´s piece he could gain several victories:

  • Winner of the Modelmaker-Guild Westfalen-Süd
  • Winner of the Chamber of Crafts Südwestfalen
  • Winner of the German Federal Land Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Winner of the Federal ZDH Competition in Performance

On December the 11th Pascal Schäfer was honoured by the Premier Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böhmer within a ceremony of the ZDH in Halle together with 120 Federal Winners from all crafts under the petronage of the Federal President Horst Köhler.

Pascal Schäfer received the certificate and the award from the President of the Central Association of the German Crafts (ZDH) Graduate-Engineer Otto Kentzler.

In the course of an exhibition with all journeyman´s pieces of the different crafts the variety of the crafts and especially the innovative profession of a modelmaker became apparent.

The manufacturing of the journeyman´s piece was presentet on a big monitor with powerpoint-presentation.

The General Manager Graduate-Engineer Ulrich Hermann pointed out, that Pascal Schäfer really deserves this award, because he likes his profession and that Pascal Schäfer will be prepared and trained on a leading position in the company.

Otto Kentzler hands over the certificate
Ceremony in Halle
1. Winner of the Federal Competition P. Schäfer
Sky-Disc of Nebra
Certificate of the ZDH