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Foundry Modelmaking

During the Foundry Modelmaking your casting parts takes a three dimensionable shape for the first time. We engineer and design your foundry pattern on the basis of your unfinished or finished part drawing or the corresponding CAD-Data.

Exhaust Manifold

Our foundry pattern consist of models, core boxes and auxilliary equipment such as sand core gluing gages and joint boards. We provide you foundry pattern in all kinds of materials and quality classes.

Foundry Pattern
Exhaust Manifold

Count on our experience for decades in the field of the foundrytechnology.

German and European Standards

Our patterns are built on the basis of the following standards after a detailed consultation with our partners.

DIN EN 12890
Founding - Patterns, pattern equipment and coreboxes for the production of sand moulds and sand cores.

DIN EN 12892
Founding - Equipment for the production of lost patterns for the lost foam casting process.

DIN EN 12891
Founding - Pressure die casting mold and permanent mold

DIN EN 12883
Founding - Equipment for the production of lost pattern for the lost wax casting process.

We would like to advise you to choose the best design of your equipment, because the standard allows several different specifications, which cause of course different qualities in the casting part.

Examples of our service program

Hinge Carrier
Valve Housing DN15
Boiler Element
Turbine Housing